Book Scanning as a service is new to many people.
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Do you only scan a certain type of book?

No. We can scan large formats, business cards, hardcover books, novels, textbooks, comics, bibles, dictionaries, magazines, cookbooks, photos, photography books, documents, medical books, old books, etc.

Can you scan the front and back covers of books?

We scan the covers of soft cover books without charging extra, but we need to charge for scanning the covers of hardcover books, please contact us for that matter.

Do you accept orders from foreign countries?

Yes, we happily accept orders from other countries, you have to send your documents to our address and fill in the information necessary.

Do you return the books or documents after they have been scanned ?

Yes, we do return any documents we receive to our customers address.

Do you scan magazines?

Yes, we accept magazines.



How do I count the Books?

We charge and count books by "sets". One set is equal to 100 pages. Each book is counted separately when it comes to sets. Please see a more thorough explanation below.

Per book charge
1-100 pages = 1 set
101 - 200 pages = 2 sets
201 - 300 pages = 3 sets
301 - 400 pages = 4 sets
401 - 500 pages = 5 sets
501 - 600 pages = 6 sets
601 - 700 pages = 7 sets
701 - 800 pages = 8 sets
801 - 900 pages = 9 sets
And so on.

What should I be aware of before sending documents?

The documents will NOT be accepted if staples, sticky notes (e.g., Post-it notes) or any other movable objects are attached to the media. Also, all sheets must be unfolded.

What are the restrictions for Business Cards?

Only regular-size business cards (i.e., 2 inches x 3.5 inches) will be accepted.

What are the restrictions for Greetings Cards?

Any greeting cards with "frills" or "pop-ups" cannot be accepted. Thanks for understanding.

Can you tell me more about your Photo scanning?

All photographs must be removed from a photo album or the photo book. Some very large size photographs may not be accepted. Please package your photos safely so they do not get bent or wet in the mail.

What is the file format for photo scanning?

We will send the scanned photos back to you in JPEG format. We can also send them in different formats, you just have to specify witch type of format you need.

I have a lot of books that I wanted scanned how should I handle this?

For any large orders please contact us at bookscancluj@gmail.com. We are glad to work out special deals for those people that have a lot of books that they want scanned.

What is the quality of a scan?

Books will be scanned at a resolution of 300 dpi in color by default.

What kind of file format do you provide for books?

The format is in PDF. You can see the sample of some scanned files on our pricing page (If there is a special case and you really need something besides PDF like a WORD or JPG File, then we can work with you, please contact us at bookscancluj@gmail.com if you are interested.)

Can you maintain the graphics, images, tables, diagrams, equations etc. in a book?

Yes, your book will be scanned as an image file in PDF format. You can download your file from our site.

Can I search the text after the book is scanned?

Yes, if you add the OCR option when you order .

What is OCR?

Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, is a technology that enables images to be converted into searchable data. After we scan your book, each letter in your book will be searchable. It is not 100% accurate but it works.

What is the accuracy of OCR?

We will try our best but OCR is not 100%. (Please note that this is true with all OCR not just ours.)

What languages can OCR support?

Our standard OCR software works with 190 languages.

What if I want to send a non-English book?

If you are sending non-English item, then PLEASE make a note in a visible area that specifies which language you would like us to scan in order to maximize the OCR accuracy. By default, our OCR is set to English therefore we need to pre-configure before scanning non-English material. If you are sending books or documents other than the above 190 languages, we still can scan and digitize the items for you. And you can enjoy the reading experience without any issue. The only thing is the OCR result might not be as accurate as the above languages.

Can OCR recognize my handwriting?

Most likely not unless your handwriting matches the quality of a robot.

What is the definition of book? Is my research paper that I bound together considered a book or business documents?

In general, we consider "a published book with an ISBN number" to be a book. Any other documents with glue binding, spiral binding, punch hole binding, staple binding, clip binding etc., will usually be considered "business documents". However, if you are unsure or think it might be a book you can contact customer support.

What will the file size be for each book?

It can depend on how many pages the book has, how much color the book has, how many images etc. For books with some color images then you can expect 0.4MB/page with about 400 pages will roughly be 160MB or so. If it's basically black letter only and novel type it'll be half of this volume, meaning a 400 page novel will be approximately 80MB.

Can you scan any kind of book?

We have some rules for scanning books. Please see Terms and Conditions.



Where do I send my books and how?

A: Please see our address and sending instructions below.

Contact Info
S.C. Bookscan S.R.L.
Nr. ord Reg. Com.: J12/2507/2017
Cod fiscal (CIF): 37568175
Str. Fabricii de Zahar, Nr. 135
Cluj Napoca, Romania 400624
Tel: +40 749 262 161

How to Send:
All shipping and handling (including cost) to be the responsibility of customer. On your envelope or box, please write your order number clearly. Make sure to print out this Order Confirmation email and include it in your shipment.

Can I make a local Drop Off?

Feel free to drop off your books at our office. However, please contact us by email first. Please clearly label the box with the name and address of Bookscan with your order number. Also, please have the name and address associated with your account.

What is the payment method?

We provide online PayPal payments through your MyPage when you login to the Bookscan web site. You do not necessarily need a PayPal account for this. PayPal provides a system that we use for non-PayPal users. PayPal is the only payment system that we accept at this moment. In the future, we hope to accept different types of payment methods. Please do not send a personal check, money, cash etc.

What if I don't have a PayPal Account?

No Problem. You don't need one. If you do not have a PayPal Account then you can simply proceed to checkout after placing your order and click the link at the bottom of the page that reads: "Don't have a PayPal Account?" This will instruct you how to use PayPal securely for a one-time payment instead of creating a PayPal Account.

How will I know when my order is ready?

You will receive a confirmation email from Bookscan. Please check your spam folder and exclude Bookscan from your blacklist and spam filter.

When will I receive the order confirmation email from bookscan? I already paid and received a confirmation from PayPal?

You will receive an order confirmation email from Bookscan, when you complete your payment at the Bookscan web site. (Please be aware that this is different from the PayPal confirmation.)



I didn't receive a confirmation email when I ordered or signed up. What should I do?

This is very rare, but if you don't receive a confirmation email when you order or sign up within 1 hour, then please contact us at bookscancluj@gmail.com

Why is there an extra charge after sending my package?

After the package arrives from you, we carefully investigate and count all sets and documents. If there is any discrepancy between the actual count we received and the count that you ordered, then we will send a notification email and an additional charge invoice through PayPal.

My package was lost or you have not received my package, what do I do?

This is rare, but it can happen. We highly recommend that you order tracking information from whatever shipping service that you use to ship your package. Many times it is very cheap or included with the shipping service.

In general, sometimes shipping takes a little longer than usual so please contact your shipping service first and check the tracking if you ordered tracking from the shipping service. Otherwise contact customer support. Please understand that we want your package to arrive quickly and smoothly as well. It is troublesome for us to deal with this as well. Our ideal situation is that your package arrives fast and that we scan it as fast as possible.

I have heard nothing from you and I sent my package a long time ago, what's going on?

If this happens then it is possible that the order number was not written on the package where it has gone onto a shelf of unknown recipients, the mailing service has not delivered it to us or you are not receiving our emails. If you are sure that your shipping service delivered your package then definitely contact us.

I cannot download any files.

First of all, we hope this doesn't happen to you, but If this happens, then please just give it a couple of minutes and try again. Most of the time this will solve the issue.

Secondly, please make sure that your network configurations and internet are working properly at your location.

However if these instructions don't work then please contact customer support. We absolutely want you to be able to access your files.

What is the User Agreement?

The User Agreement is the confirmation of the user's acceptance of our Terms and Conditions. This is a reminder that our service is based on Fair Use. Which means that our service is for the user's personal use only.

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